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Larry O’Bryan of Louisville, CEO and Political Media Consultant Lends a Hand to Teens in Need

Lawrence “Larry” J. O’Bryan embodies the American Dream to a tee. Born to a poor family, the Louisville, Kentucky native learned early on that the fruits of success are hard-earned. Now a successful businessman and former political media consultant, Larry O’Bryan of Louisville shares the bounty of his labor by giving back to his community.

Larry O'Bryan Louisville 3Although Larry O’Bryan’s parents didn’t have much money and were not well-educated, they demonstrated that hard work, perseverance, and passion are the primary drivers of success.

“My father never went to school past seventh grade; my mother finished high school, but they were pretty much self-taught'” Larry O’Bryan of Louisville said. “They were successful buying old homes in disrepair in marginal neighborhoods in Louisville and my father was the handyman who would turn them into apartments.”

Larry O’Bryan’s parents, Charles and Ramona, were largely responsible for transforming The Highlands, once a marginal neighborhood, into the high-end community it is today. The pair enlisted the help of their five children to perform basic maintenance on the properties, paying the kids for their work instead of giving them an allowance.

When they weren’t contributing to the family business, the kids attended private Catholic schools. Charles and Ramona O’Bryan made their children’s education a priority, even if it meant keeping a very tight budget elsewhere.

Inspiration | Larry O’Bryan of Louisville

Larry O’Bryan of Louisville says his parents’ sacrifices inspired him to be the man he is today. Their inspiration is what prompted him to establish and contribute to an endowment fund at St. Xavier High School. The fund helps young men from impoverished families to attend the school and receive the same quality education Larry O’Bryan of Louisville did. One of Kentucky’s top political media consultants and founder of Pro-Active Media, Larry O’Bryan’s endowment fund gives special priority to young men who are interested in careers in journalism or media.

In addition to helming Pro-Active Media, Larry O’Bryan of Louisville is the CEO of TPC-KY, Inc., his label manufacturing company. The company is a key label supplier for several nationally recognized corporations.

For more information about Larry O’Bryan of Louisville, go to Learn more about Pro-Active Media by visiting their website or watch a selection of their campaign videos on the Pro-Active Media YouTube channel found here. For more information on TPC-KY, Inc, visit their website.

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